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1. Scope

These terms of use apply to all services offered on the LioApp Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LIOAPP”) websites, in particular for free and paid content and services (hereinafter collectively or individually referred to as “services”). The terms of use provided on the LIOAPP websites at the time of ordering the services apply. Deviating provisions only apply if they have been expressly confirmed by LIOAPP in writing. By using the website, the user expressly agrees to these terms of use without further explanation.

2. Availability

LIOAPP services are offered to the user as subject to availability. LIOAPP endeavours to ensure that the services are available to the user without disturbances. Due to maintenance and/or further developments and/or other disturbances, the options of use may be restricted and/or temporarily interrupted. This may result in data loss. This does not grant the affected users any compensation claims. LIOAPP is also entitled to change or discontinue the offered services at any time at its sole discretion without notice.

3. Contractual relationship

The contractual relationship on the use of LIOAPP' paid services comes into force via registration with the desired and chosen payment provider or alternatively the binding choice of another payment alternative (e.g. credit card payment), as well as acceptance of the general conditions of use and acceptance by LIOAPP. Acceptance by LIOAPP takes place at the latest with opening access to the paid service..


4. Registration

4.1. General – Registration: the user must register for certain services on LIOAPP websites. The user assures that the personal data it provides as part of registration, especially name and surname, postal address, date of birth and email address, are truthful and correct and that they will immediately notify LIOAPP of any changes to its details.

4.1.1. Registration: in order to receive the selected fee-based service of the LIOAPP, the user must complete the form provided on the respective LIOAPP website. Entry of external email addresses is not permitted. By ordering this paid service, the user also allows LIOAPP to inform the user at irregular intervals about current industry news as well as services, products and offers from the industry. Otherwise, only data is collected which is voluntarily made available to LIOAPP by its users.

4.1.2. Data transmission / changes: contents are transmitted electronically. The member must ensure that a current email address is available to LIOAPP at all times. Changes in this regard are to be reported to LIOAPP immediately.

5. Abuse

Users who believe they have become victims of abuse related to LIOAPP’s services may contact the following address:

Lio App Ltd.
646 Osmaston Raod, Derby DE24 8GS (UK)

or by mail to:

6. Privacy policy

For all information relating to the handling of users’ data, LIOAPP refers to its separate GDPR privacy policy.

7. Payment transactions

Fees for paid services will be billed using the payment system provider the user chooses. In this context, exclusively the terms of use of the payment system chosen by the user shall apply, which terms are pointed out in the appropriate place with provision of appropriate assistance. The payment claims shall be settled with the respective payment system provider in accordance with the respective terms of use. If another payment method is chosen (direct debit authorisation, credit card, etc.), its terms of delivery and payment shall apply. If the user does not meet its payment obligations, LIOAPP is entitled, subject to further claims, to block the user’s access to the paid services. After settling the outstanding claims, access will be restored. LIOAPP reserves the right to commission companies to conduct the collection.

8. User obligations

Compliance with applicable legal regulations: the user undertakes not to violate legal regulations. In particular, the user undertakes to ensure that: content it distributes does not violate any rights of third parties (such as copyrights, patent and trademark rights); the applicable criminal laws and child protection regulations are observed; content it distributes is not racist, pornographic, obscene, abusive or unsuitable for minors.

Data security: the user further undertakes to protect the data in accordance with the recognised principles of data security and to check emails sent to LIOAPP for viruses with the utmost care.

Obligation with respect to dialogues: the user undertakes to restrict the use of discussion-oriented content on the website or in the newsletter to the professional exchange of opinions and to refrain from advertising claims and to take into account the interests of other participants. LIOAPP is particularly entitled to delete contributions that, due to their language choice or content, do not comply with the rules of fair discussion and moral behaviour or do not sufficiently take into account the interests of other participants. The LIOAPP hereby in particular expressly prohibits contributions that are racist, pornographic, obscene, inhumane and which are contrary to moral behaviour.

Access data and password: the user undertakes not to disclose all the access data it has been assigned, in particular not to disclose to or permit third parties to become aware of an assigned password for accessing the content provided online, and to take the necessary measures to ensure this confidentiality. Each user is responsible for all activities that occur with its password. In the event of abuse, loss or relevant suspicion, LIOAPP must be notified immediately at display to Indications of abusive use of the services and contents of LIOAPP or the payment system must also be reported to LIOAPP immediately. LIOAPP is entitled to block access to the protected area if, through the fault of the user, there is misuse of the access data, e.g. by disclosure to third parties.

9. Contents/ Liability

The website and the newsletter provide their own and third-party content. It is marked accordingly insofar as these contents come from third-party companies.

9.1.1. In the event of losses or damages the user might incur if it relies on the information received when using the LIOAPP newsletter, LIOAPP is only liable if the damages are caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the legal agent or auxiliary persons, or if an obligation, the fulfilment of which the user particularly relies on (cardinal obligation), is violated by slight negligence. LIOAPP is only liable for foreseeable damages. Liability is excluded for indirect damage, including consequential damage, unforeseeable damage, or untypical damage as well as lost profits. The same applies to accidental damage and force majeure. LIOAPP’ liability for personal injury remains unaffected by this disclaimer and restriction.

9.1.2. Liability for third-party content: in the case of third-party content as well as that of private individuals (in particular in discussion forums and chats), the website and the newsletter merely make the medium technically available. Such content that is made available to the user by third parties is the corresponding author’s or distributor’s information, not LIOAPP’. LIOAPP is therefore under no circumstances responsible for the accuracy, correctness or reliability of this content. In particular, LIOAPP shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the user by reliance on such information.

9.2. Liability for links: LIOAPP assumes no responsibility for the content of the linked websites. Insofar as LIOAPP engages in linking, LIOAPP expressly declares that at the time of setting links no illegal contents were recognisable on the sites to be linked. This declaration applies to all links placed on this website as well as guest books, discussion forums and similar services set up by the LIOAPP, to which external write access is enabled. In no event is LIOAPP responsible for the content of websites that link to the LIOAPP. LIOAPP is also unable to identify or check links to its websites. Furthermore, LIOAPP has no influence on how the content offered here is used, passed on or changed by the user and therefore cannot be held liable for any damage, lost benefits or other direct or indirect consequences arising from use of the content offered here.

9.3. LIOAPP excludes any liability for technical or other disturbances.

10. Warranty

10.1. LIOAPP provides its services without any assurance or warranty of any kind, express or implied. Any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of laws and patents are also excluded. Although the LIOAPP believes that the information provided by LIOAPP is accurate, it may still contain errors or inaccuracies.

10.2. If paid content is objected to by the user due to LIOAPP’ incomplete or unsatisfactory performance, the user must notify LIOAPP of these objections immediately after knowledge of them has been obtained.

10.3. If the LIOAPP is liable for justified and timely complaints, LIOAPP shall, in the event of incomplete performance, additionally deliver it and, in the event of defective performance, remedy or replace it at the user’s discretion. The user may demand a reduction of the fees or costs if the remediation attempts or replacement deliveries are refused, are impossible, or fail in any other way.

11. Copyright

11.1. All contents published on LIOAPP’ websites and newsletter, such as texts, pictures, graphics, sound, video and animation files, and databases are protected by copyright. Furthermore, LIOAPP is entitled to a title, trademark, or other intellectual property rights with respect to many contents.

11.2. Use of the contents is only permitted for private personal use. Any other use requires the prior consent of LIOAPP; this applies in particular to commercial and private duplication, modification, distribution or storage of information or data, in particular texts, parts of texts and images. This is especially true for implementation of content on third party websites and inclusion in electronic databases.

11.3. In other respects, the legal limits of copyright and/or other applicable statutory provisions apply.

12. Disclaimer of liability

Claims for damages due to the impossibility of the performance, positive breach of an obligation, fault in the acquisition of the right of use and tortious liability are excluded both against LIOAPP and in relation to its vicarious agents, unless deliberate or grossly negligent action is involved. Claims for damages due to the operational failure of the LIOAPP Internet server cannot be asserted. Due to various factors not within LIOAPP’ control, no guarantee can be given for 100% availability of the server.

13. Schlussbestimmungen

13.1. Abweichungen von diesen Nutzungsbedingungen bedürfen zu ihrer Wirksamkeit der Schriftform, wobei auch die Versendung einer Email oder eines Telefax dieser Schriftform entspricht. Das Gleiche gilt hinsichtlich der Bedingung des Schriftformerfordernisses.

13.2. Sind oder werden einzelne Bestimmungen dieser Nutzungsbedingungen unwirksam und/oder undurchsetzbar, so bleibt die Gültigkeit der Nutzungsbedingungen im Übrigen unberührt. Unwirksame und/oder undurchsetzbare Bestimmungen werden im Wege der ergänzenden Vertragsauslegung durch eine wirksame und durchsetzbare Bestimmung ersetzt, die unter Berücksichtigung der Interessenlage beider Parteien dem gewünschten wirtschaftlichen Zweck am ehesten zu erreichen geeignet sind. Entsprechendes gilt für die Ausfüllung von Lücken in diesen Nutzungsbedingungen.

13.3. Gerichtsstand ist bei allen sich aus dem Nutzungsverhältnis ergebenden Streitigkeiten der Geschäftssitz des Anbieters.

GDPR / Privacy Policy

The LIO App Ltd. and its subsidiaries (collectively “LIOAPP”) are committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with a positive experience on our websites and in using our products and services (“Solution” or “Solutions”). This Privacy Statement applies to LIOAPP websites and Solutions that link to or reference this Statement and describes how we handle personal information and the choices available to you regarding collection, use, access, and how to update and correct your personal information. Additional information on our personal information practices may be provided in offer descriptions, supplemental privacy statements, or notices provided prior to or at the time of data collection. Certain LIOAPP websites may have their own privacy statement that describes how we handle personal information for those websites specifically. To the extent a notice provided at the time of collection or a website or Solution specific privacy statement conflict with this Privacy Statement, such specific notice or supplemental privacy statement will control.

Collection of Your Personal Information

We may collect data, including personal information, about you as you use our websites and Solutions and interact with us. “Personal information” is any information that can be used to identify an individual, and may include name, address, email address, phone number, login information (account number, password), marketing preferences, social media account information, or payment card number. If we link other data with your personal information, we will treat that linked data as personal information. We also collect personal information from trusted third-party sources and engage third parties to collect personal information to assist us.

We collect personal information for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Processing your order, including payment transactions
  • Providing you with a newsletter subscription.
  • Sending marketing communications.
  • Creating an account.
  • Enabling the use of certain features of our Solutions.
  • Personalizing your experience.
  • Providing customer service.
  • Managing a job application.
  • Collecting information during the testing admissions process when a computer-based certification test is administered to you.

We and the third parties we engage may combine the information we collect from you over time and across our websites and Solutions with information obtained from other sources. This helps us improve its overall accuracy and completeness, and also helps us better tailor our interactions with you.

If you choose to provide LIOAPP with a third party’s personal information (such as name, email, and phone number), you represent that you have the third party’s permission to do so. Examples include forwarding reference or marketing material to a friend or sending job referrals. Third parties may unsubscribe from any future communication following the link provided in the initial message or contact at

In some instances, LIOAPP and the third parties we engage may automatically collect data through cookies, web logs, web beacons, and other similar applications. This information is used to better understand and improve the usability, performance, and effectiveness of the website and to help tailor content or offers for you. Please read the “Cookies and Other Web Technologies” section below for more information.

Uses of Your Personal Information

We may use your personal information for the purposes of operating our business, delivering, improving, and customizing our websites and Solutions, sending marketing and other communications related to our business, and for other legitimate purposes permitted by applicable law. Some of the ways we may use personal information include:

  • Delivering a Solution you have requested.
  • Analyzing, supporting, and improving our Solutions and your online experience.
  • Personalizing websites, newsletters and other communications.
  • Administering and processing your certification exams.
  • Sending communications to you, including for marketing or customer satisfaction purposes, either directly from LIOAPP or from our partners.

You can edit your communication preferences at any time. See Your Choices and Selecting Your Communication Preferences below.

Access to and Accuracy of Your Personal Information

We need your help in keeping your personal information accurate and up to date. We provide a number of options to access, correct, suppress, or delete your personal information:

  • You can view or edit your personal information and preferences online by using the Lio-Coin Wallet
  • Some LIOAPP entities may act as or be considered “data controllers”. When a LIOAPP entity is acting as a data controller, you can exercise your rights of access and request corrections, suppression, or deactivations under applicable data protection laws directly with that LIOAPP entity as described in the specific Solution documentation.
  • If you need additional assistance, or help with accessing, correcting, suppressing, or deleting your personal information, please feel free to contact us directly. We make good faith efforts to honor reasonable requests to access, delete, update, suppress, or correct your data. We will respond to your request within 30 days. If we are unable to honor your request, we will provide you with an explanation.

Your Choices and Selecting Your Communication Preferences

We give you the choice of receiving a variety of information related to our Solutions. You can manage your communication preferences through the following methods:

  • By following the instructions included in each promotional email from us to unsubscribe from that particular mailing.
  • By sending us a message through email to or by mail to: Lio App Ltd. Privacy Legal Department, 646 Osmaston Road, DE24 8GS – Derby (UK)Please be sure to include your name, email address, and specific, relevant information about the material you no longer wish to receive.
  • For short message services (“SMS Services”), by replying “STOP”, “END”, or “QUIT” to the SMS text message you have received.

These choices do not apply to service notifications or other required communications that are considered part of certain Solutions, which you may receive periodically unless you stop using or cancel the Solution in accordance with its terms and conditions. With your permission, we may also share your personal information with LIOAPP business partners or vendors, so they may send you information about products or services that may be of interest to you. To opt-out of this sharing with third parties for their marketing purposes.

By using our websites, Solutions, or otherwise providing personal information to us, you agree that we may communicate with you electronically regarding security, privacy, and administrative issues relating to your use. For example, if we learn of a security system’s breach, we may attempt to notify you electronically by posting a notice on our websites, by sending an email, or otherwise contacting you.

Sharing Your Personal Information

We may share your personal information with third parties for the purposes of operating our business, delivering, improving, and customizing our Solutions, sending marketing and other communications related to our business, and for other legitimate purposes permitted by applicable law or otherwise with your consent. We may share personal information in the following ways:

  • Within LIOAPP and any of our worldwide subsidiaries for purposes of data processing or storage.
  • With LIOAPP business partners or vendors, so that they may share information with you about their products or services. To opt-out of LIOAPP sharing with third parties for their marketing purposes.
  • With business partners, service vendors, authorized third-party agents, or contractors to provide a requested Solution, service or transaction. Examples include, but are not limited to: processing of orders and credit card transactions, hosting websites, hosting seminar registration, assisting with sales-related efforts or post-sales support, and providing customer support.
  • In connection with, or during negotiations of, any merger, sale of company assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by or to another company.
  • In response to a request for information by a competent authority if we believe disclosure is in accordance with, or is otherwise required by, any applicable law, regulation or legal process.
  • With law enforcement officials, government authorities, or other third parties as necessary to comply with legal process or meet national security requirements; protect the rights, property, or safety of LIOAPP, its business partners, you, or others; or as otherwise required by applicable law.
  • In aggregated, anonymized, and/or de-identified form which cannot reasonably be used to identify you.
  • If we otherwise notify you and you consent to the sharing.

Security of Your Personal Information

We intend to protect the personal information entrusted to us and treat it securely in accordance with this Privacy Statement. LIOAPP implements physical, administrative, and technical safeguards designed to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. We also contractually require that our suppliers protect such information from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. The Internet, however, cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure, and we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any personal information you provide to us.

Retention of Personal Information

We will retain your personal information as needed to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. We will retain and use your personal information as necessary to comply with our business requirements, legal obligations, resolve disputes, protect our assets, and enforce our agreements.

Use of Cookies and other Web Technologies

Like many websites, LIOAPP uses automatic data collection tools, such as cookies, embedded web links, and web beacons. These tools collect certain standard information that your browser sends to our website. Examples include your browser type and the address of the website from which you arrived at our website. They may also collect information about:

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is a number automatically assigned to your computer or device whenever you connect to the Internet. It is a unique address assigned by your Internet service provider or IT department on a TCP/IP network. Among other things, the IP address allows web servers to locate and identify your device.
  • Clickstream behavior. This includes, for example, the pages you view and the links you click. These tools help make your visit to our website easier, more efficient, and more valuable by providing you with a customized experience and recognizing you when you return.

Learn how to update your choices in relation to these tools.

Our website includes widgets. Widgets are interactive mini-programs that run on our site to provide specific services from other companies. Examples include displays of news, opinions, videos, and more. Personal information, such as your email address, may be collected through widgets. Widgets may also set cookies to enable them to function properly. Information collected by a widget is governed by the privacy policy of the company that created the widget.

Some web browsers may give you the ability to enable a “do not track” feature that sends signals to the websites you visit, indicating that you do not want your online activities tracked. This is different from blocking or deleting cookies, as browsers with a “do not track” feature enabled may still accept cookies.

No industry standard currently exists on how companies should respond to “do not track” signals, although one may develop in the future. LIOAPP websites do not currently recognize and respond to “do not track” signals. If we do in the future, we will describe how in this Privacy Statement.

We partner with third parties to display advertising on our website or to manage our advertising on other sites. Our third-party partners may use cookies or similar technologies in order to provide you with advertising based on your browsing activities and interests. You may opt out of this advertising.

How to opt out of interest-based advertising:

Benutzer If you are located in the European Union

Benutzer If you are located in all other parts of the world

Note: Generic, non-personalized ads will continue to be displayed.

Linked Websites

We may provide links to other third-party websites and services that are outside our control and not covered by this Privacy Statement. We encourage you to review the privacy statements posted on those websites (and all websites) you visit.

Forums and Chat Rooms

If you participate in a discussion forum, local communities, or chat room on a LIOAPP website, you should be aware that the information you provide there (i.e. your public profile) will be made broadly available to others, and could be used to contact you, send you unsolicited messages, or for purposes neither LIOAPP nor you have control over.

Also, please recognize that individual forums and chat rooms may have additional rules and conditions. LIOAPP is not responsible for the personal information or any other information you choose to submit in these forums.

To request removal of your personal information from our blog or community forum, contact us at In some cases, we may not be able to remove your personal information, in which case we will let you know if we are unable to do so and why.

Datenschutz für Kinder

LIOAPP empfiehlt Eltern und Erziehungsberechtigten, eine aktive Rolle bei den OnlineAktivitäten ihrer Kinder einzunehmen. LIOAPP erfasst nicht bewusst personenbezogene Daten von Kindern ohne die Einverständniserklärung der Eltern oder Erziehungsberechtigten. Falls Sie der Meinung sind, dass wir ohne angemessene Einwilligung personenbezogene Daten von einer Person erfasst haben, die gemäß den Gesetzen Ihres Landes noch nicht geschäftsfähig ist, informieren Sie uns bitte unter Verwendung der im Abschnitt „Kontakt“ beschriebenen Methoden. Wir werden dann unverzüglich geeignete Maßnahmen zur Untersuchung und Behebung des Problems ergreifen.

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